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Shots In Order is a Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Band Delivering Groovy Hard Rock Rhythms, Heavy Staccato Interludes, Heart Pounding Crescendos, and abrupt lyrical passages.

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The musicians are rock gods! It definitely reminds of an old school heavy metal song! Ha!Ha! The lead singer has a little bit of a James Hetfield feel to him. Even the lyrics sound like something Metallica would play. All of the instruments are well played and add more power to the song! A tribute to my old high school days!

- Crowd Reviews, Reverbnation

The beginning of the music has awesome sound effects with the guitar. The instruments and the drums are really good and sound amazing. The background part of the music is also very good too. I really like the singer's voice in the song too and I also really like the lyrics. They all match well and I like heavy metal a lot!

- Crowd Reviews, Reverbnation

This song starts off with some nice flange-effects on the guitar, where it sounds like a jet engine, which we don't hear too much of in metal and rock anymore. The song then picks up with some heavy guitar and a pretty catchy melody and beat. The vocals seem like kind of a cross between some later slayer, pearl jam, and Live...if that's possible.

- Crowd Reviews, Reverbnation